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Alp Translation Agency at International Women Wrestler Trainers

Having started delivering worldwide services without being confined to Antalya region, ALP Translation Agency provided French – English – Turkish simultaneous interpretation services during International Women Wrestler Trainers Seminar that was held at Champion Hotels in Beldibi, Antalya between November 3rd and 5th 2011 in cooperation with International Wrestling Federations Association (FILA).

Alp Translation Agency and Akdeniz University Joined Forces

"International Symposium on Theories of Art / Design and Aesthetics" that was participated by speakers and participants from all around the world, particularly focusing on Far Eastern artistic values, was organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Akdeniz University on September 19th 2011.

Alp Translation Agency at Basf Meeting

Having started its activities in 1880 in Turkey and acting as a world leader in chemicals sector, BASF organized "Diversity4Growth" event at Maxx Royal Hotel that is one of the most prestigious hotels of Antalya

Cooperation Between Securitas And Alp Translation Agency

Securitas organized the third of "Business Partners Convention" titled "Common Point" this year at Calista Resort in Antalya on March 16th – 17th 2012 with the purpose to render this event a conventional meeting.

At the Summit of Security With Securitas!

Having worked in close cooperation during the ECAC audit in Antalya Airport in 2011 and continued this cooperation thereafter , ALP Translation Agency and world's leading security company Securitas joined their forces once again during the managers meeting of Securitas in aviation sector on February 14th – 15th 2012.

Standarts And Qualification to be the Key to Success

As a part of VOC-Test Centers Grant scheme that was initiated by MFIB and MYK, "National Qualification System and Certification of Qualifications in Tourism" seminar was held in Alanya and Manavgat on May 8th 2012 within the scope of the project titled "ALTSO VOC-Test Center: Standards at Work, Quality in Business" with Ref. No. VOC-Test 87 conducted by ALTSO.